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2024 Day of European Authors Conference

Fostering collaboration between the book and education sectors to tackle the decline in reading among young people.

In the context of the second edition of the Day of European Authors the European Commission organises a conference with the objective to foster collaboration between the book and the education sectors to tackle declining reading skills and habits among young people.

This conference explores the many examples in Europe of how authors and book professionals can cooperate with teachers and schools to develop formal and informal ways of bringing books and literature closer to students.

The conference will provide an opportunity to:

  • share good practices that promote reading from an early age through formal and non-formal learning
  • highlight the role of European authors and book professionals in promoting reading and multilingualism in and outside schools
  • propose recommendations on how to tackle the declining reading skills and habits in Europe


  • representatives of ministries of education and culture from the 27 EU countries and other Creative Europe and Erasmus+ programme countries
  • EU institutions
  • representatives from the book and the education sectors

The conference is open to



Parallel working group sessions
Participants from the book and education sectors will work together in different groups on the following
Promoting reading through formal and non-formal education

  • How to organise school events and activities involving authors and book professionals?
  • How to involve local community actors and parents?
    Reading and literature pedagogy
  • How to nurture reading and love of books from an early age?
  • What kind of teaching and learning pedagogies are needed?
  • What is expected from teachers?
  • How to choose the books to learn about in schools?
  • How the book sector can help literature pedagogy?
  • Is digital so bad?
  • How to harness the potential and mitigate the negative impact of digital transformations on
  • reading skills?
  • How can digital tools expand the reading experience?


2024 Day of European Authors Conference

Dal 25/03/2024, ore 12:00
al 26/03/2024, ore 12:00
Leuven - Bruxelles